There have been many letters recently about the new Supreme Court nominee and the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade.

I am pro-choice and feel that failure to allow women control over their reproductive life would have many adverse consequences. Poor women would be most severely affected, as many would not be able to afford to travel to obtain a safe abortion.

One thing, however, has long puzzled me about the many who are against abortion: their uniform apparent lack of concern for the infant after birth.

Children are helpless and dependent for a prolonged period. They also are costly to raise if all their reasonable needs are met. Yet the same individuals who are anti-abortion also seem to be anti-family leave, anti-raising the minimum wage, against providing affordable child care and even against providing food stamps to families in need.

Preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place is also a no-no.

It would seem that ideology is the most important factor in their decision making. As a retired pediatrician, I find this viewpoint both illogical and offensive.

Nancy D. Barber


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