Re: “Rep. Poliquin backs GOP bid to shut the door on carbon tax” (July 21, Page B4):

This article, by Sun Journal reporter Steve Collins, relates to a nonbinding House measure passed July 19 by a vote of 229 to 180 that states that a tax on carbon emissions would be detrimental to families and businesses, and is not in the best interests of the United States.

Many people agree with Rep. Bruce Poliquin, who supported the resolution, and other pro-business interests that charging for the true costs of fossil fuels will negatively affect consumers and wage earners.

However, I believe that our economy and our society will benefit in the long run, when we finally do acknowledge the reality of these costs.

Additionally, I would encourage your readers to understand the difference between a stand-alone carbon tax and the carbon fee and dividend proposal being promoted by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s fee and dividend proposal would return the bulk of the carbon fee to American families and businesses, and would therefore minimize the economic impact of this policy.


I would also ask members of our Maine congressional delegation to research and understand the carbon fee and dividend proposal, so that they can make an informed decision on legislation relating to reducing our carbon footprint.

Bob McKillop

Portland chapter, Citizens’ Climate Lobby


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