We are rapidly running out of time to save our planet. We have very little time to make revolutionary changes in how we think and behave. Climate change, if we do nothing about it, will eventually lead to the end of mankind and most of life on our small planet.

We already see evidence of the beginning of the end: large increases in rainfalls, flooding and droughts; increases in the severity of hurricanes; extreme melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice caps; disappearance of glaciers; shortages of water and food; extinction of species; infestations of harmful organisms. Even the Gulf of Maine is getting too warm.

This is a worldwide emergency that requires international steps to prevent the absolute worst from happening. Unfortunately, our country has a leader who does not lead in this area of greatest concern. Not many other national leaders do much better, so it is left to the grass roots to take actions.

There are many actions that we, as individuals, can take without our government’s involvement. But they will be severe and very unpopular. We need to drastically reduce our carbon footprints. We have an emergency situation.

We can choose to fly for vacations and trips, or not. We can choose to buy unnecessary stuff, or not. We can choose to have second homes, or not. We can choose to eat animal foods, or not. We can choose to have another consumer child, or not. We can choose to travel to entertainment centers, or not. All of these human activities, which are so popular in industrialized nations, are very serious contributors to the greenhouse gases that cause runaway climate change. If we do nothing, children and grandchildren around the world will pay the price for our inactions.

Len Frenkel

South Portland

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