Old Orchard Beach’s stainless steel restrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with jet flush toilets.

A new seasonal restroom, strategically located on Union Avenue within walking distance of a heavily used section of Old Orchard Beach, has pretty much put an end to complaints about beachgoers relieving themselves on the town beach and private property.

The new trailer gives beachgoers another place to go to the bathroom outside downtown Old Orchard Beach.

Town officials hope it will end complaints about visitors defecating and urinating on the town’s popular beach.

“I’ve been here for 16 years and we’ve had complaints forever,” Old Orchard Beach Assistant Town Manager V. Louise Reid said Wednesday. “But since we got the new bathroom, I’ve had one complaint. I think people are glad that there is a bathroom near that section of the beach. It’s a very populated, very heavily used area.”

In February, the Town Council voted 3-2 to spend up to $72,000 on a seasonal restroom trailer. In late June, the town’s Public Works Department installed the restroom, along with sewer and water connections, on Union Avenue near the railroad crossing.

Union Avenue beachgoers who need to use the stainless steel restrooms, which are air-conditioned and equipped with jet flush toilets that reduce clogging, must walk about 700 feet from the beach to the trailer.


The town spent about $70,000 on the seasonal restroom, which includes a separate entrance to a handicapped accessible toilet and two separate entrance unisex toilets.

“I think it’s been very successful even though everyone was a little shocked at the price,” Reid said.

Since the portable restroom trailer became operational in late June, Reid said she has received one complaint from a person who questioned why the restrooms were locked after sunset. The seasonal restroom is open from 8 a.m. until sunset.

According to Reid, the new restroom trailer has been installed on leased land and will only be stored there for summer months. The trailer, which is on wheels, will be moved in the fall.

Until now, visitors to Old Orchard Beach were able to access public restrooms only in downtown, including those near Palace Playland and the Downeaster train station. The new restroom is located to the south of the central business district, in the direction of Ocean Park.

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