In her letter published July 25, Rebecca Tripp of Searsport put forward some very important reasons we need to think seriously about reducing plastic waste, starting here in Maine.

We have a reputation for being a pristine state with scenic coastlines and a booming seafood industry. Trash however, particularly plastic trash threatens not only the aesthetics of our shorefront but also wreaks havoc on aquatic life when it gets into the water (which it eventually does).

Seeing is believing and many times the extent of the trash problem is hidden from the public eye. For instance, over the last three years more than 1,200 pounds of trash, much of it plastic, was removed from a very small area of the Long Creek, adjacent to the Maine Mall.

As one of the volunteers who recently picked up and sorted the watershed litter, alongside volunteers from City of South Portland, Long Creek Watershed Management District and my co-workers at the Portland-based Hydro International office, I completely agree that we all need to do more to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste that is produced and used here in Maine.

Hopefully, with greater public awareness, community and business trash reduction discussion and efforts, as well as environmentally-thoughtful purchasing and reuse practices we can all be part of the solution and follow Rebecca’s appeal to do our part to reduce plastic waste.

Bridget Domareki