Horror writer Stephen King is no fan of the Republican congressman who represents him in Maine.

Seven times this year, King has taken to Twitter to zing U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

On Friday, he denounced Poliquin as “Maine’s political version of Punxsutawney Phil,” the famous groundhog, because “once every 2 years he comes out of his hole to run for re-election (and take big bucks from the NRA).”

“Then he disappears and goes back to doing nothing,” King declared in a lunchtime barb issued hours after a poll showed the two-term Republican lawmaker may be vulnerable this year.

Poliquin has mostly refrained from responding to the famous author – declining again Friday – but his campaign consultant, Brent Littlefield, dismissed him as “a Hollywood person” last winter.

“Actually, I am a ‘Maine person,'” King fired back from his home in Bangor.


King has made no secret on Twitter and elsewhere that he strongly opposes President Trump, loathes the National Rifle Association and generally favors the Democratic agenda for the nation.

At least twice this year he has told voters directly to dump Poliquin at the polls on Nov. 6.

In March, he urged people to take to the streets before an anti-gun march that followed the murders at Parkland High School in Florida. Then he added, “Vote against NRA sweethearts like Poliquin in November.”

A month before, he pointed out that Poliquin has received more than $200,000 for his campaigns over the years from the NRA.

“Send him your thoughts and prayers in November, but not your votes,” King said.

Last year, he told people to remember Poliquin’s vote to kill the Affordable Care Act when they cast their ballots in 2018.

Poliquin, who is seeking a third term representing the 2nd District, is locked in a tight four-way race against Democrat Jared Golden of Lewiston and independents Tiffany Bond and Will Hoar.

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