On June 19, you published a letter to the editor from Jeremy Smith castigating Mary Mayhew for her department’s failures in preventing the tragic deaths of Kendall Chick and Marissa Kennedy and also celebrating her poor performance in the Republcan gubernatorial primary.

While I disagree with nothing he said, I fear he fell well short of the mark. Mary Mayhew diligently carried out the policies and procedures of Paul LePage, as she was hired to do.

And doubtless she would have doubled down on these efforts had she acceded to the governorship. But these odious policies were shepherded through the house by Ken Fredette, who also managed to sustain most of LePage’s vetoes by swaying the votes of too many Republicans who lacked spines sufficient to hold to their original votes.

And, Garrett Mason, loyal foot soldier, carried the backing of the conservative Christian right, who seem generally unacquainted with any of the actual teachings of Christ as found in the Bible (feed the poor, heal the sick, give comfort and solace to the aggrieved).

Rejecting all these, the Republicans chose as their candidate former independent Shawn Moody. He is endorsed by the governor’s wife, has his campaign run by the governor’s daughter, and filled his staff with former LePage staffers.

Any guess who would be calling the shots if this man with absolutely no governing experience were to become our next governor? Indeed, when questioned about the tragically immoral and unconscionable actions of forcibly separating children from their parents and sending them to internment camps, Shawn Moody says he believes in “deterrence” and “fully supports Donald Trump.”

If that isn’t “enough said,” it’s hard to imagine what would convince anyone looking to vote for someone with morality, ethics, compassion, integrity or a soul.

Ann Morrill

South Portland

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