Sen. Susan Collins is at the point of her career which will determine forever her legacy. She can continue to obfuscate and seek justifications for a confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh under the guise of “respect for precedent” (forgetting that Plessy v. Ferguson and other egregious unjust Supreme Court decisions were once “precedent”) or she can choose her place in history and refuse to vote to confirm.

Kavanaugh’s record is clear. As a federal judge he has written in favor of restricing a women’s reproductive health choices and would likely do so again.

He has overturned environmental protection regulations and restricted power of federal government to advocate for the most vulnerable. Further, the undisclosed record of his time in the White House might further reveal his judicial philosophy but will go unexamined because Republicans, with Collins’ support, are not requesting the documents.

Mainers have voiced their opinion and concern to Sen. Collins. It’s time she put country before party and announce a “no” vote on Kavanaugh.

Susie Crimmins


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