Shown is one of 11 dead seals that washed up on a Saco beach between Sunday night and Monday morning. SUBMITTED PHOTO

SACO — Eleven seals, all dead, washed up on Saco beaches between Sunday night and Monday morning. Along with the seals, massive amounts of seaweed also washed ashore.

Saco Parks and Recreation Department Director Ryan Sommer said eight of the marine mammals were found on the beach at Kinney Shores, the three others were discovered at Bayview. Ten of the seals were pups, he said, and one was an adult.

Sommer said he’s not sure what caused the death of the seals or why they washed up in Saco. A volunteer from Marine Mammals of Maine visited the beach but said because they seals had been dead for a while they didn’t think they could determine the reason for the deaths and didn’t take any seals back to their office for testing, according to Sommer.

The city’s Department of Public Works disposed of the seals, he said.

In addition to the seals, significant amounts of seaweed also washed up on Saco beaches. Sommer said he’s not sure why that occurred. There were no reports of major storms in recent days, he said. Unlike some area beaches Saco doesn’t have a permit to rake the beach so the seaweed will remain on the beaches until the tide washes it away. “What nature brings in, nature brings out,” he said.

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