SCARBOROUGH — The Town Council Wednesday approved an off-season ban on parking within 50 feet of the entrance to Scarborough Beach on Black Point Road.

Councilors Katy Foley and Peter Hayes voted against the measure, which passed 4-2. Both councilors saying they did not think it was a problem that needed correcting. 

“We don’t need another ordinance,” said Hayes, who added he was sensitive to ensuring access to the beach is preserved. 

Councilor Jean-Marie Caterina, who sponsored the change, was absent from the meeting. There was no public comment.

Parking on both sides of Black Point Road is already off-limits from May 1-Sept. 15. Under the new ordinance, parking would be shortened by about three car lengths, or approximately 50 feet, on each side of the entrance from Sept. 16 through April.

The Police Department recommended the change to Caterina, who said she had received emails from constituents concerned about cars parking near the entrance to the beach at 418 Black Point Road.

The area had been temporarily restricted in early spring. Police Sgt. John O’Malley said at a meeting in June the department did not receive complaints about the temporary ban.

O’Malley at that time said traffic has increased steadily in the area and the ordinance could prevent a tragedy. “It’s in our benefit,” he said of the parking ban, adding enforcement would be done on an as-needed basis during regular patrols.

Another concern is about parked cars blocking the entrance during the winter, when people may incorrectly assume the beach is not open.

Councilors said creating additional parking has not been discussed, but it was noted during the meeting that there is an auxiliary parking lot owned by a private landowner who could be asked about access.

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