A Maine doctor who announced she would challenge Sen. Susan Collins in the 2020 election was reprimanded and placed on probation in part because of disputes she had with her patients over President Trump.

A 23-page consent agreement between Dr. Cathleen London of Milbridge and the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine, dated Aug. 14, details London’s conflicts with several patients, including one who said he was treated rudely and dismissed from her practice because he supported Trump.

The patient, who is not identified in the document, also charged London with calling him a “sucker” because she assumed he was going to vote for Trump.

According to the consent degree, the patient claimed London was “rude, agitated, aggressive and spoke loudly about politics.”

In another complaint detailed in the consent agreement, a different unidentified patient asserted that London tried to shame her for being a Republican and that London’s staff urged her to keep the pro-Trump T-shirt she was wearing covered with a sweatshirt while meeting with London.

“I will never understand how anyone on social services could be a Republican, especially an Indian,” London allegedly told the patient, according to the consent agreement.



In a letter of response to the medical board, London denied mentioning the patient’s race and claims she only told the patient, “I was surprised she was on MaineCare and state aid. …” In her letter, London also said the patient made a point of unzipping her sweatshirt so London could see her Trump T-shirt.

London also disputed other patients’ claims, but did acknowledge that patients had been “fired” from her practice, including the Trump supporter, who she said yelled, “Go Trump!” as he was leaving her office after his second visit.

The patient, responding in a letter to her rebuttal, denies that he cheered for the president. London and her attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment Friday.


In addition to the conflict over politics, the agreement details numerous other problems and complaints against London, including providing patients with marijuana products and for accessing patient records after they had left her practice. The agreement also says London was growing marijuana and providing marijuana products as treatments.


One patient maintained that London sold her marijuana tinctures, marijuana brownies and a marijuana salve for $105. In her response, London said she did not know what the patient was referring to when she mentioned “marijuana cream.”

“I make CBD (cannabidiol, a marijuana ingredient) topical, but it is not ‘pushed,’ only a handful of patients have even had access to it,” London said to board investigators.

London announced in July that she planned to run against Collins when the Republican comes up for re-election in 2020, but London didn’t say whether she’d run as an independent or with the backing of a party.


London is listed as a member of the Maine Democratic State Committee. She has been politically active in Maine and frequently gives media interviews on the topic of Maine’s opioid overdose crisis and efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. London has written guest columns for the Portland Press Herald and the New York Times. In July 2017, she appeared on Fox News, discussing efforts in Congress to repeal the ACA and advocating to keep the law in place.

The consent agreement places London on probation and prohibits her from prescribing the opioid addiction treatment drug methadone. She’s also required to pay $3,000 in investigation costs. The decree requires London to seek the treatment of a psychiatrist and participate in additional education for medical record keeping.


London faced a total of nine complaints from 2016 and 2017 for violating patient confidentiality, inappropriate interactions with patients, and inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances, among others.

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