In addition to your stock photo of Edgar Allen Beem, you might want to have another picturing him with his hair on fire for those times when he pens another rant against the GOP. In last week’s column, Edgar seems to have lost all rationality when he railed against his perceived sins of the GOP.

First, “placing party over patriotism” might be better exemplified by the Democrats in their knee-jerk opposition to everything that President Trump has put forth. Moreover, after two years of investigating, Robert Muller has yet to come up with any evidence of Trump’s guilt about anything. Yet Ed, from his distant perch in Maine, is qualified to declare his guilt.

Second, he faults Sen. Mitch McConnell for pushing “the nuclear option button to blow up years of collegiality in order for the GOP to ratify a conservative nominee by a simple majority.” However, were he to have a grasp of history instead of his grasp of wrath, he might remember that it was Democrat Sen. Harry Reed who blew up collegiality by being the first to invoke the nuclear option to ensure that Obama’s judges could be confirmed by a simple majority.

I have other rebuttals of Edgar’s “truths,” but alas, I am restricted to 250 words.

In closing, a question for Mr. Beem: If Democrat policies are so superior to Republican, why are US cities that have been continuously ruled by Democrats for decades in such terrible shape? Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, to name a few.

Gerald Caruso