In response to Gerald Caruso’s letter to the editor about press objectivity (Aug. 22):

He writes: “Accountability was sorely lacking when it came to coverage of President Obama on Operation Fast and Furious, the Internal Revenue Service scandal, Benghazi, ‘leading from behind,’ the Iran deal, etc.”

Just so he knows, as soon as he mentioned Benghazi, he was dismissed. I would tell Caruso that no fewer than eight commissions, six of them Republican-led, determined it to be a tragedy. Neither Democrats nor Republicans were to blame. Just as most newspapers reported, it was a tragedy that should not be politicized, as Caruso has done. Fox News has decided to forgo actual reporting in this case.

I’m not going to try to explain the Bush administration’s use of the same “gun-walking” tactic that Republicans deplored in Fast and Furious, as space prohibits it. Caruso should read the Atlantic’s coverage. He’ll feel better knowing that his Second Amendment rights are intact.

He’ll also feel better about J. Russell George, the Bush appointee who investigated the proliferation of conservative “nonprofits.” George did his job.

The press did their job informing Caruso of these investigations. He may not like what the press reports, but at least he can acknowledge their efforts or take his aluminum hat off.

Robert Carmichael

South Portland

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