I’m a college student from Gorham, and I’m writing to voice my support for Democrat Janet Mills for governor of Maine.

After eight years of the LePage administration’s regressive and obstructionist policies, Maine needs a change, and Janet Mills is best placed to deliver that change.

As attorney general of Maine, she has already been fighting for us for years. Her office has delivered the overdose reversal drug naloxone to 84 agencies across the state, an initiative which has already saved over 500 lives. Ms. Mills has also joined several legal actions against the Trump administration on issues ranging from defending the Clean Air Act to protecting Maine’s coastline from offshore drilling.

If elected, Ms. Mills would have the opportunity to lead truly transformative change in Maine. Ms. Mills has committed to expanding Medicaid, which would give 70,000 Mainers new access to health insurance. She has a 10-point plan to address the opioid crisis, including expanding access to medical resources and establishing an opioid hotline akin to 911.

Ms. Mills also plans to invest in Maine’s infrastructure and education systems, supporting innovative new programs, including bringing high-speed internet to remote areas of the state and computer science programs to middle and high schools. She plans to incentivize community solar and offshore wind projects to ease the path to expanding clean, renewable energy in the Pine Tree State.

She has also expressed interest in assembling a board of advisers from across Maine to bolster transparency and citizen input in state government. Across all fields of policy, Ms. Mills is taking the initiative.

In short, if you support growth for Maine’s economy, health and safety for Maine’s citizens, and progressive action over petty invective, Janet Mills is your candidate. She is the governor we need to lead Maine into the future.

Sam Matey


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