As a disabled wartime veteran and former municipal manager, I have two major concerns as we elect our next governor. My major concerns are support to veterans and local government in Maine.

I recently spoke with independent candidate Terry Hayes, and she explained she would continue to support correcting the situation with homeless vets as well as continuing current programs to match veterans with jobs and careers, leveraging their military training and experience. Terry also told me she’d pay particular attention to the sacrifices military families make when members are deployed and she would work with our federal delegation to ensure veterans’ access to quality, timely health care services in Maine.

Further, she told me a Hayes administration would fully fund local revenue sharing, which would increase non-property tax revenue for our cities and towns, thus allowing better budgeting and planning on the local level. I am excited about Terry’s independent candidacy and call on my fellow veterans and municipal officials to support her in November.

Bradley A. Plante


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