In 1995, I was appointed by then-Gov. Angus King to the Maine State Board of Education. Over the next seven years, I had the privilege of working with him to improve Maine’s education system.

I was continuously struck by Angus’ creative and compassionate approach to education policy. Angus pioneered the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, a program that gives laptops to Maine children for educational uses. This visionary and first-of-its-kind idea has since proven itself to be wildly successful, boosting digital literacy for Maine children and increasing their competitiveness in the workforce.

Angus was also dedicated to educational equality. Angus, an independent, was the first Maine governor to subsidize education for disadvantaged children, and he made a point to make sure every child can succeed in Maine’s education system.

The leadership qualities I saw from Angus in education policy can be extended to his political character as a whole. He is smart, dedicated, compassionate and creative. There is no better man I can think of to continue representing Maine as U.S. senator, and I will gladly vote for him on Nov. 6.

Weston Bonney


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