Re: “Baxter State Park’s director keeps focus on ‘wild’ ” (Aug. 19):

I was very impressed with Eben Sypitkowski and his attitude toward the mission for Baxter State Park. It is essential to preserve places like Baxter for wildlife and for those people who desire to truly be in nature without the need to share with the world at that moment via their cellphones.

To be in the moment in the wild without chronicling it all is precious and essential to many. For most of human history, we managed to survive without constant communication with the rest of the world.

It is very disconcerting and unpleasing to hike to a beautiful and remote place and hear people loudly talking on their cells. There are thousands of places to camp in Maine where there is running water, showers, electricity, cellphone access, etc. They are great, but Baxter is uniquely wild and uniquely needed.

Stay vigilant and preserve this magnificent park in the way we all know Gov. Baxter intended. Keep it wild. Best wishes to the new director.

Valerie Razsa


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