It is laughable that the Maine Heritage Policy Center claims our referendum process is too influenced by out-of-state interests when the center is itself an arm of the State Policy Network, a national right-wing organization with a national agenda. And the center loved the referendum process when they strenuously pushed the so-called Taxpayer Bill of Rights referendum, which had extensive backing from out of state. (Luckily, the people defeated that stinker.)

The Maine Heritage Policy Center is opposed to MaineCare expansion and a higher minimum wage, which were passed by the people, along with other laws that are good for everyday Mainers and working families but not so good for their rich corporate friends. The center also led the attack against same-day voter registration, which was ended by Gov. LePage and his allies in the Legislature but overwhelmingly reinstated by referendum.

And where is the center’s outrage about the terrible Citizens United court decision that allows so much dark money into our politics? Where is their outrage with out-of-state wealth and corporate political action committee money buying off their friendly politicians in Maine and elsewhere?

The Maine Heritage Policy Center is awash in hypocrisy, and they are not out to help average Mainers. Our referendum laws for better health care, higher wages, voting rights and civil rights are certainly the will of the majority of Mainers but opposed by the policy center.

It is little wonder that the Maine Heritage Policy Center is attacking our referendum process. Their interests are with the rich and the big corporations, and some recent referendums just have not gone their way. That’s what this is really all about.

James Bilancia


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