There is a heated debate in northwestern Maine over one state’s desire for green energy and the proposal to carve up this wild frontier in the East to satisfy that state and create wild profits for Central Maine Power. This region is a place that resides in the person, not the other way around.

CMP would profit $60 million per year to connect Canada to Massachusetts through pristine wilderness, the last of its kind. The cut for CMP’s project would require brush suppression from heavy equipment, chemicals, hydraulic fluid spills and other destructive practices and mishaps. It would cut through the heart of the Moose River Valley, the Kennebec Gorge, and over the other pristine mountains, ponds and streams.

It puts Heritage Waters and precious, coveted native trout at risk. It is not worth taking a chance that this could impact native brook trout and other wildlife with erosion and electromagnetic exposure. Deer are sparse enough in this area. Tourists do not come to see power lines, and it detracts from the natural allure of the area.

For Massachusetts to decide to be green by making Maine brown and putting it at risk is repulsive.

Massachusetts can be sustained within its own borders if it just finds the will. It turned down wind and has shuttered power plants. That was a choice. Just because they don’t want it in their backyard, doesn’t mean it should be in our front yard. There is no benefit to Maine, only to a corporation based in Spain.

Countless environmental groups and land stewards are opposed, and the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife has been highly critical. It will be like opening Pandora’s box on our wilderness if passed. The promises and wildlife studies done by CMP will not matter when this goes sideways, but executives in shiny buildings who have never set foot here will profit for eternity.

Kaleb Jacob

Registered Maine Guide

New Boston, N.H.

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