So why is this strong progressive feminist supporting independent Marty Grohman for Congress?

I have nothing negative to say about U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, whom I have supported in the past with my votes and financial contributions. But no one can say that Congress is working and representing the majority of us. Until both parties stop nominating the most liberal or the most conservative candidate possible and start moving to the middle, we will not achieve a truly functioning Congress.

I have known and worked with Marty well for many years, and I know that his “independent” label states a verifiable truth about who he is both personally and politically. I have watched him being most effective in the Maine Legislature as he tries to bring multiple points of view to consensus. His practicality allows him to work with whomever he needs to work on that particular issue,

Do I know that Marty will protect vulnerable populations in the way I expect? Yes. Will I agree with all of his positions? No. But I strongly believe that electing just one more person who can serve as a bridge rather than a tollbooth can make all the difference.

Carolyn S. Wollen


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