As a lifelong Democrat, I, along with most other Americans, am saddened at the passing of Sen. John McCain. He was truly a man of strength, honor and duty to one’s country. To be shot down over North Vietnam, and then refuse an offer of freedom until his fellow captives were also released, was a testimonial to his courage and compassion for his fellow man.

After his Navy career, he once more served his country with pride and distinction in our nation’s Congress. With John McCain, the good of the country always came first, even if it meant working closely with those across the aisle.

Once more, however, I am saddened to see the lack of respect for a true American hero by President Trump. From not keeping the flag lowered, to his refusal to call John McCain a national hero, our president has once more shown he is incapable of acting on behalf of all Americans as a unifying leader.

Despite the actions of our president, it is my sincere hope that those in Congress will take time to reflect upon the life of Sen. McCain. May this become a turning point in our present visceral political climate, in which party comes before the good of the country. Will this become the defining moment when, once again, men and women in Congress reach across the aisle for the good of all citizens? Let us pray that this may be that moment!

Thomas Flinn

Old Orchard Beach

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