My name is David Berry. I am a retired disabled veteran of the U.S. Army, in 2006, from the Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

I believe in making a better life for others. This belief propelled me to work in the home care industry for years before enlisting.

Between three branches, I served 17 years in the National Guard, Army and Army Reserve, where I worked hard to make a better life for others as well. While I was in Iraq, my mother was receiving home care services so she could stay in her home until she qualified for hospice.

I was grateful for the services that my mother was able to receive, as they helped me to have peace of mind. I could focus on the task at hand instead of having to worry about my mother’s care. I knew that she was in good hands and had good people caring for her. Home care made it possible for my mom to live her best life.

We have the opportunity to create some real, positive change this November. Question 1 will create a universal home care program to allow seniors and people with disabilities to access the care they will need so they can stay in their homes, like my mom did, and other family members can continue going to work and providing for their families.

We need a system that gives people the chance to age in their homes instead of being forced to move to facilities that can be far away from loved ones. We deserve to keep our independence as we age. Question 1 makes this a possibility for so many of us. In November, vote “yes” on 1.

David Berry

U.S. Army, retired


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