Bongo Cily’s
The Jamaican restaurant that inspired the name of Silly’s Restaurant. (
Years in operation for Portland Pottery.
Neighborhood Noshing
Boutique BBQ joint Terlingua offers a special neighborhood menu on Sunday nights. (
3.6 Miles
Length of scenic Back Cove Trail, easily accessible from Inner Washington Ave. (
Venn+Maker’s brand of found and repurposed items. (
Oak barrels at Oxbow Bottling & Blending, also home to a bar, event space, and art gallery. (
Jurgen Jepsen Nissen
Better recognizable as “JJ Nissen,” the Danish immigrant who founded a bakery. Washington Avenue’s historic JJ Nissen building now houses a variety of businesses. (
Gear Up
Non-profit Portland Gear Hub resells outdoor gear and provides education with the mission of helping more Mainers get outdoors. (
Updated Daily
A&C Grocery is a neighborhood shop for the essentials, but also offers a daily changing fresh-prepared food menu. (
Pounds of wild Maine blueberries per 300-gallon batch of Maine Mead Works’ blueberry mead. (

On the Market in and around Inner Washington Avenue