I understand that it is convenient for Sen. Susan Collins and her staff to perpetuate the idea that the calls, letters and visits and even the rallies outside her offices opposing Brett Kavanaugh are merely “out-of-state” efforts to be ignored, but we know this is a false characterization.

I have personally been at her offices when letters are delivered and when visits are made by Maine residents.

No doubt Sen. Collins has received calls and letters, particularly from women across the country. This is understandable, as her vote on Kavanaugh can fundamentally alter their lives as well as the lives of those of us who live in Maine.

But to characterize Mainers’ expressions of opposition as somehow unworthy of note is unfathomable and even cynical.

She tried to dismiss our efforts in a similar manner in February 2017, and she and her staff are trying to do the same again, presumably for national media consumption. Mainers knew different then, and we know better now.

Collins must stop this PR strategy and directly acknowledge that her constituents are very concerned about her vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

We deserve that small measure of respect and her commitment to represent us on this issue.

Susan Crimmins


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