On July 29, you published a cartoon by Steve Meyers that portrayed Republican gubernatorial nominee Shawn Moody as a mindless follower of Gov. LePage.

I have enjoyed a professional relationship with Shawn on a regular basis since the early 1990s and have a very different assessment.

He is a thoughtful, independent-minded business leader who deserves the support of all Mainers, free of damaging preconceptions and false accusations of his mindset or policies.

One of the critical elements of his success are the business practices he has used, particularly in his treatment of his employees. He made them part owners of his business and they all share in its financial success. I firmly believe that Shawn’s dedication and inclusiveness with his company’s people provide an apt metaphor for how he would govern our state – leading by example and allowing all Mainers to share in the economic revival he will generate.

Additionally, Shawn is a person and business leader of impeccable honesty, heartfelt decency and humility. At a time when our political life has become polarized and divisive, Shawn represents the traditional Republican values of tolerance and inclusion, following the deeply respected standards of Margaret Chase Smith, Bill Cohen and Olympia Snowe.

Shawn’s pursuit of political office is not for personal gratification or aggrandizement, but to pass along to the next generation of Mainers the same opportunities that he has created for himself and those around him.

To characterize Shawn Moody as being the clone of any person does a total injustice to him and his candidacy.

I am deeply proud of my professional relationships with Shawn Moody and heartily endorse his candidacy for governor of our wonderful state. We could do no better!

Peter Webster

South Portland