The upcoming vote for a Supreme Court justice may be one of the most important Senate votes for the next generation. However, the Senate majority is treating it like a limited-term ambassador nomination for a Third World nation – more important to get it done, than done right.

We applaud the Portland Press Herald editorial (Our View, Aug. 27) that concluded that the vote should not go forward unless a nominee’s full record is available.

As two lawyers with over a hundred years’ experience combined, both in practice and in teaching, we appreciate the importance of the Supreme Court – for our country to live by our Constitution, the ideals and goals of our Founding Fathers and those who have given their lives in defense of those ideals.

This is a particularly important vote because it is not only a lifetime appointment, but also likely the deciding vote on the court for the foreseeable future. A 53-year-old like Brett Kavanaugh could be on the court for 30 years or more, and Supreme Court justices are free from outside supervision except by the votes of other justices and an improbable congressional impeachment. His vote will be law.

What the country deserves in this critical position is the very best person for the court.

Please urge our senators to demand they have the full record of the candidate and consider it thoroughly before they vote. To do less is dereliction of their duty.

The Machiavellian, court-packing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stalled a Supreme Court nomination for 10 months in 2016 because of an upcoming election. The least we should demand is to pause this nomination until we can be sure we have the very best person for the job, not someone we don’t thoroughly know. The future of our country and our rights are at risk.

June Wortman

Laurent Hourcle


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