This letter is intended to show my support for the re-election of state Sen. Amy Volk. We are all well aware of the drug epidemic and whether directly or indirectly, its impact is far-reaching. One of the reasons that I’m writing this letter in support of Amy Volk is because I’m so impressed by the work she’s done in the Maine Senate to make a difference in our drug epidemic. She knows first-hand its impact and is actively involved in finding solutions and providing support.

Amy was the sponsor or co-sponsor of several bills addressing Maine’s drug epidemic. One of the most important and life-changing is the work she did to duplicate a residential treatment facility called McAuley House, located in Portland, throughout the state. This model is designed to not only help women with drug problems but also the next generation that could be devastated by having a mother on drugs. Senator Volk visited McAuley House, imagined those children, and took action by not only sponsoring but tirelessly advocating for her bill’s passage. And, thankfully for hundreds of Maine women and children, she was successful. She quietly and humbly, without fanfare or need for praise, told me that this bill could be the most significant thing she will do in her career as a politician. Considering Amy Volk’s resume of important legislation, that is really saying something.

On Nov. 6 help more people facing the demon of drugs, and help our state, by supporting the re-election of Amy Volk.

Meg Kusturin