Some deaths are so noble, so remarkable, so commendable that they speak volumes, causing all of us to pause, reflect, pray and take a long breath, and then take note and careful attention and hopefully assess our own lives and where we want to proceed “as one nation under God,” and then, make a resolve to work to make things better for future generations. Such, I think, has been the legacy of Sen. John McCain.

John McCain’s life and example offer all of us more hope, evidence that there is still some semblance of decency and honor in politics, and healthy national inspiration and pride (which is directly opposed to the destructive nationalism touted by contemporary politicians).

More than any living “leader” than I can think of, John McCain still continues to lead with courage, integrity and compassion. The intentional, sensitive and very timely parting messages that Sen. McCain left us in the arrangements he made for his own funeral should be a guiding beacon for all of us through these dark days of despair and total lack of responsible and moral leadership.

Louis Phillips


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