I have made it a point not to stir the pot in regard to certain hot-button issues, but the hypocrisy of all involved in the debate over Nike and Colin Kaepernick kind of forced my hand.

I find it somewhat amusing that those who vehemently opposed and boycotted Nike because of their abusive labor practices are now big fans of said company – and, conversely, those who bought Nike products in spite of said practices or loss of American jobs in the garment industry are now intensely against this company because of its perceived anti-patriotic stance.

And, if Kaepernick is so into equality and justice, then why doesn’t he speak out for the little people being used and abused in Nike’s well-documented overseas sweatshops?

I guess it’s true: We all take sides on issues we feel very strongly about. Inequality, regardless of what form it takes, is appalling. And Kaepernick? I agree with his stance. I understand what he is trying to get across – just not when and where he chooses to do it. Right church, wrong pew, dude.

Could you imagine that if we took such a hardline stance on certain political, social or economically charged issues at our workplace? We, the common folk, would most likely end up getting sacked.

Finally, Kaepernick hasn’t sacrificed everything (I can only assume he’s tucked away some of the outlandish money he earned playing professional sports and now his Nike endorsement). You want to talk about sacrifice? Talk to our surviving veterans and the widowers of those veterans, who did, indeed, give the ultimate sacrifice – or police officers – or firefighters.

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