I’m sitting here with my morning coffee, reading two newspapers. (I’m scared I’m going to miss something – I hear you, I’ve already missed a lot!) I’m reading the letters to the editor in the Sept. 1 Portland Press Herald for the second time.

One letter writer tells Sen. Susan Collins to take a “strong stand for women”; another one voices “Maine constituents’ … concerns” about Collins’ vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Each signed by a woman.

I said to myself, “Where are the men?” If somebody told us men to get a vasectomy, or to refrain from having sex at all, we would say “mind your own damn business.” Where are the men’s voices?

Judge Kavanaugh is not just a women’s problem, or just a political problem that will eventually go away. When Donald Trump is impeached (and eventually he will be!), will all his appointees leave with him? Unfortunately, no! The Supreme Court will have his appointees decades after Trump is gone. What thinking man or woman can live with that forever?

Tell Susan Collins that this is her last rodeo. If she votes to put on the Supreme Court a man who is on record as contradicting himself on whether he believes legal abortion is settled law, she would not be able to win another election in the state of Maine.

Let her know that accepting Trump’s agenda is not just a poor judgment call but also would be political suicide for her. Please rethink this, Sen. Collins, for all of us who want to believe that after all is said and done, you will do the right thing!

Kenneth Waxman


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