A couple of questions for Gen. John Kelly, chief of staff to the president: Was the oath you swore to uphold when you joined the military similar to the oath that I swore to uphold? If so, sir, how can you sleep at night, aiding and abetting a person driving our country to disaster?

Climate change, G7, NATO, character and arrogance – the list goes on. Recently, a decorated admiral asked to join the folks of integrity whose security clearances were revoked by the president in a fit of pique.

Not only does the president flout the law, he has chastised Sen. John McCain, a national hero. After Sen. McCain passed, Trump showed his character by being outraged at seeing the flag at half-staff over the White House and had the flag raised. Atrocious!

My flag went to half-staff the moment I heard of Sen. McCain’s passing – no executive order needed.

Our forefathers, who worked so diligently drawing up the Constitution and writing the Bill of Rights, must be squirming in their graves. God help us!

Carroll Hansen