I am writing in response to the article posted about a Biddeford School Committee member who has been accused of sexual assault. I can’t help but notice that, yet again, there is silence from Biddeford city officials.

In some cases, silence has been blamed on a lack of criminal charges. In other cases, silence has been blamed on ongoing litigation.  Often, it’s noted these are crimes of the past. What will the excuse be this time?

I continue to be baffled by the culture of silence when it comes to sex-related allegations in Biddeford. I understand and appreciate that importance of due process. I also understand that some allegations are unfounded. That said, I believe we must also consider the message sent to children and survivors of sex-related crimes when they see allegations met with silence.

It’s difficult to come forward with allegations. It’s difficult to heal from the wounds of sex-related crimes. It’s also difficult to speak about all of this, individually or as a community.  And, thus, it’s extraordinarily difficult to put an end to sex-related crimes.

If city leaders continue to wait for the issue of sex-related crimes to be politically expedient to address, we will wait forever. And, in my humble opinion, waiting even one more day is too long. I hope city leaders at least acknowledge this situation and that journalists hold them accountable to do so.

Matt Lauzon