Last night there was a get-together at the American Legion for my middle grandson, who’s leaving for the Army. One of my grandsons was a Marine, and the youngest is still a Marine.

The people who attended are the heart of our island community: people who serve food, cook, clean, plow snow, cut grass, put on the roofs of houses, run the grocery store, pick up the trash. These are the people who keep our community going. A lot of them can’t buy houses because property taxes are so high. People who do Airbnb have to do it so they don’t lose their homes.

Also, the heart of our community is our school. If Portland takes that away, you take away our people with children.

I’m retired and have to be stressed out because I don’t want a lien. I want a fair tax for a 999-square-foot cottage, not over $5,000. I want my grandsons to come back from the military to their home.

Margo Lodge-Seven Oakes

Peaks Island