YARMOUTH — Sky Stoll and her food delivery service are making a permanent stop at 317 Main St. 

After a soft opening Sept. 10, Sky’s Cafe will have a grand opening Thursday, Sept. 13. 

Stoll started Sky’s Cafe after moving to Maine “for love” 2 1/2 years ago. She prepared meals, which rotated weekly, at Fork Food Lab in Portland and delivered them from Kennebunk to Augusta.

Now, Stoll has added her own kitchen at Sky’s Cafe in 317 Main Community Music Center, where customers can dine in and enjoy one of her meals or a snack or take a prepared meal, either individual or family-sized, to go. She’ll also continue to deliver meals to online customers.

She said her goal is to show customers that “convenient food doesn’t have to be bad for you.” 

The rotating menu offered at Sky’s Cafe will be similar to what Stoll offers for delivery; dishes like gluten-free waffles, buffalo chicken meatballs, or cilantro lime pulled chicken with rice and peppers. One item that won’t rotate is a side salad with Stoll’s signature basil dressing. Options will range from $3 to $10. 

“My goal is to introduce people to healthier options of good food,” Stoll said. “It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.”

Stoll said she’d like to prepare a meal from her native country, Lithuania, once a week. One of her favorites, she noted, is cold beet soup, which includes beet roots, giving it a distinctive pink color and is typically paired with a side of potatoes.

The cafe will also offer coffees, teas and baked goods.

Stoll said she hopes to partner with other business owners she met at Fork Food Lab to sell their products at the cafe, such as empanadas from The Empanada Club.  

“(Fork Food Lab) is one of the best communities I’ve ever joined … (they) introduced me to the food community,” she said. “Now I’m joining a new community … (that) can be an extension of that.”

Having a home base for her business is something Stoll said she’s been looking for for quite some time. 

An avid pianist when she was a child, Stoll said she was tied to a strict practice and performance regimen. So strict, in fact, that she stopped playing piano all together before moving to New York in 1997. 

Walking into 317 Main for the first time, Stoll said, made her feel nostalgic and brought her back to the best parts of music school in Lithuania, when she’d relax in the cafeteria for a snack in between classes. 

“When I came here, it reminded me of my childhood,” Stoll said. “(317 Main) feels filled with childhood memories … (and) warm, fuzzy feelings.”

The “warm and fuzzy” feelings Stoll experiences when entering her new space – artwork on the walls, the smell of good food and the sound of music from a room close by – has inspired her to start playing again. 

And this is what she hopes to bring to her customers. 

“Food, art and music are all in the same community; everything is combined,” Stoll said. “I want everyone to come here and just feel at home.”

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Sky Stoll will hold the grand opening of Sky’s Cafe, at 317 Main St. in Yarmouth, on Thursday, Sept. 13.