Re: “Lawyer says $400,000 fund for homeless man is gone” (Sept. 4):

After reading and seeing on news reports that yet another fraud may have been committed using the GoFundMe fundraising website, I was outraged once again.

When I was living in Florida a few years ago, I contributed, as did many, to a page set up by the sister of a young man who, on his way to work early in the morning, fell asleep, hit a tree off a highway and was killed.

The young man was my niece’s daughter’s fiancé. The money was being raised for his funeral. The sister promised, and made excuses as to why she didn’t turn over the $3,500 that was collected to the family. None of it was turned over. Eventually, messages were not returned. The GoFundMe people were no help at all.

My niece and her husband paid for the funeral, the burial and a stone. The young man had a baby boy with their daughter, and they were to marry soon.

I was outraged and spoke to a policewoman, who said the person who stole the money had warrants and was “couch surfing” in the Tampa area. As far as we know, she is nowhere to be found and no consequences have been bestowed on her.

This was a smaller amount than the $400,000 recently collected for the homeless man in Philadelphia, but so significant to a broken-hearted family.

So, the lesson learned from all this is: Beware of these sites. Be cautious. Know the person or persons who start the page, or just give personally or send money.

Patricia Kelly