About six months ago, I joined Central Maine Healthcare after 30 years working elsewhere in the health care field. I came to Lewiston to work with Jeff Brickman and other senior leaders who share a promising vision for the organization amid headwinds and challenges. As a relative newcomer, I have read recent news articles with keen interest.

I wish others knew what I have come to know about Central Maine Healthcare. I wish others knew more about the talented doctors who have joined Central Maine Healthcare, bringing expanded clinical capabilities to our communities, some committing to Central Maine Healthcare even after recent votes were cast. I wish more people knew about the care manager in the office near me who makes follow-up calls to patients late Friday afternoon, and about my colleagues working on group visits to support patients with diabetes.

As a newcomer, I still notice the LifeFlight helicopter when it arrives with a patient in need, the chimes that play when a baby is born in the hospital. Lots of things are going on at Central Maine Medical Center, Bridgton Hospital and Rumford Hospital every day, with much work underway to address our challenges.

About 20 years ago, I became ill quickly and required immediate medical attention at CMMC. Test results indicated a fast-moving condition that leaves many patients paralyzed. Infusion therapy was promptly started, stalling the progression. I now feel fortunate and proud to work here.

The recent no-confidence votes by medical staff were significant. I deeply respect the conviction of the providers, and appreciate their commitment to our communities. But much is happening at Central Maine Healthcare beyond the recent votes. I support the leadership team and its vision for the organization.

Jeff Buck

executive director, managed care, Central Maine Healthcare

Kennebunkport resident