Protect Maquoit Bay from oyster farming

Simpson’s Point and the Mere Point Boat Ramp do not exist for the convenience of Mere Point residents; rather, they offer access to all who want to be out on Casco Bay. People from all over can go onto Middle and Maquoit bays to enjoy the water in kayaks, commercial fishing boats and recreational craft. They come to fish, to camp on the islands, to watch the seals off Sister Rock, and the herons, osprey and bald eagles that inhabit the bays. The state has designated these two bays as “Focus Areas of Statewide Ecological Significance,” and urges the conservation of rare animals and plants and the significant wildlife habitats of waterfowl and nesting seabirds of the two bays.

Although the bays are open to all, my guess is that on any given day, most of the boaters are residents or visitors to Brunswick, Freeport, or Harpswell. The residents of these communities should be interested in the bays’ preservation and skeptical of the value of the privately-owned oyster factory — which may make a lot of money for investors — that is being proposed for Maquoit Bay.

Pat Rathbone,

Vote Updegraph for Brunswick Council

I will be supporting Sande Updegraph for Brunswick Town Council at Large.

Sande has been a Brunswick resident for almost 20 years and during that time she has served on numerous committees and boards, here are a few:

Member of Brunswick Planning Board

Member and former Chair of the Davis Fund Committee

Member of the BDA

Serve on Design Advisory Committee for the proposed new Bridge Brunswick to Topsham

Former member of the Zoning Board of Appeals

Former Trustee for MRRA

In addition, as a former business owner, Sande would like to see and help promote new businesses come To Brunswick.

With her vast experience in business and working on various committees, I believe she would be a great addition to the Town Council.

Whether you vote on election day Nov. 6 or by absentee ballot that will be available on Oct. 8, please vote as every vote counts.

Geraldine Taylor,

Collins’ vote on Supreme Court nominee critical

I am in my 90s and have seen women for all these years battling for their rights.  It is of grave concern to me that this struggle will be on-going and negative if Kavanaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court.  Another great concern is the threat to our Constitutional Separation of Church and State.  Two recent votes by the conservative Supreme Court (Colorado baker and Islam visitors) have already begun challenges to the Separation of Church and State.

Here in Maine a father has sued our state to have his daughter’s tuition paid for with public funds for her parochial school education.

Why the rush? I remember the rush to confirm Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court before his passion for pornography was exposed.

Another question. Did Kavanaugh lie? We certainly don’t want a Supreme Court Justice whose testimony is questionable.

As you are aware, Sen. Collins’ vote is critical to all of our citizens and especially to women.  Her “No” vote will protect our individual rights and Constitution for years to come.

Gene Proctor,
West Bath