I agree with Alan Caron (“Another View,” Sept. 16) that independent candidates such as he should not be “pushed out” of the gubernatorial race, that Maine needs new leadership, and that he has offered new ideas of real merit.

Unfortunately, there is little evidence to support the notion that our elections are determined on the basis of ideas, no matter how thoughtful. Our current ideological divides and partisan bickering lead voters to make their choices based on already-entrenched positions, reinforced by the conviction that those who see things differently, whether right or left, have nothing to offer our state and nation. The presence of independent candidates will do little to de-polarize our politics, and instead will result once again in splintering the vote.

I would ask Mr. Caron and fellow independent candidate Terry Hayes to present themselves as clearly as they can; but if it becomes apparent that they cannot win, then they owe it to us to drop out of the race. It’s a shame that ranked-choice voting will not be in effect, since that would assure their voices are heard and considered. Then, after the election, I urge them to offer their ideas and support to the new governor. For myself, I trust that will be Janet Mills. Maine cannot afford the continuation of the LePage debacle that is likely should Shawn Moody prevail.

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