I am extremely disappointed with Sen. Susan Collins’ comments in light of the allegation of attempted rape against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. She should be calling for a complete investigation, not a political spectacle before a panel of powerful men.

When Anita Hill came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas, the FBI did an investigation. Sens. Charles Grassley and Orrin Hatch thought an investigation was the right thing to do, yet now, 27 years later, a more serious allegation doesn’t warrant investigation?

These same senators, along with Sen. Collins, placed arbitrary dates on when Christine Blasey Ford could testify in front of the Judiciary Committee. The disrespect and bullying are inappropriate and unwarranted. There is no time frame on a Supreme Court confirmation vote. A Senate hearing is not the place to get an objective interview.

It is offensive and horrifying to all women and men who have been sexually assaulted, especially those assaulted as children. There is no time frame on sexual assault, and there are no free passes for violent actions of 17-year-olds. Someone accused of assault should not be confirmed to a lifetime appointment at the highest level of the judiciary without an inquiry that clears him of the offense.

There is no reason not to believe Dr. Ford. There is nothing for her to gain by coming forward. Why is she and not Judge Kavanaugh the one asking for an investigation? The accuser is asking for law enforcement to investigate her claims. This is not the behavior of a pathological liar.

Sen. Collins should ask herself: Why isn’t Judge Kavanaugh interested in the FBI investigating if it will clear his name? If he truly has the integrity praised by his supporters, then he should have the courage to face the accusation and investigators. Put on the brakes and get to the bottom of this.

Anne Callender


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