There have been false accusations of sexual aggression made against men. In such cases, holes in the accusers’ stories almost always have appeared quickly. To take the Duke lacrosse team as an example, within a month of the alleged incident, the DNA results came back negative.

An FBI investigation into the allegations that Christine Blasey Ford has made should quickly uncover either doubt about her story or more mud on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The time and place of the party could be discovered quickly.

Ford remembers wearing a bathing suit and running home, which means the party was at a house with a pool within running distance of her home. Witnesses are far more likely to remember being at a party at this person’s house on this day (for example, the day after a big win by the football team) than they are likely to remember whether they were at some party held sometime in 1982.

America deserves a Supreme Court justice who is not under a cloud. If Kavanaugh’s supporters truly believe he is not guilty of the allegations against him, they should support an investigation.

Sigrid Olson

Cape Elizabeth

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