I did something for the first time ever Wednesday afternoon: sat and watched a news conference between the media outlets and President Trump. I wondered if, facing a room that didn’t consist of Mr. Trump’s base, it would be handled differently (i.e., with maturity, seriousness and empathy for someone beyond himself).

Alas, my optimistic hopes were not met. In fact, I came away with the same feelings I’ve had since this person was elected: There is no intent on his part to tackle the critical issues we as a nation, both at home and abroad, are facing. It is even more amazing that the people in the Republican Party rally to his side, in spite of the ever-increasing evidence that he is incapable of seriously leading the USA.

Since Mr. Trump won’t ever change (maybe he wasn’t nurtured as a child?), it’s time for us to be the adults in this “relationship” and vote in people who put the betterment of what has always been the greatness of America (caring, open minds and hearts, the willingness to be a beacon to the world) come this November, regardless of one’s party affiliation.

Don Cohen


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