The picture that emerges from Colin Woodard’s excellent Sept. 16 profile of Janet Mills, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Maine attorney general, is that this is a woman of integrity who’s never hesitated to take on a challenge.

There’s little doubt that she’s lived a life of service and has remained true to herself. Grabbing headlines isn’t what motivated her.

Mills knows state government more than anyone else in this race, and yes, that experience matters. Would you hire an inexperienced surgeon or even a novice car mechanic? Why hire someone for the highest office in state government who has no experience crafting public policy or working on a state budget or considering the well-being of a population? Experience does matter.

Mills is the only one in this race who’s truly ready to confront the critical challenges facing Maine now.

Janet Mills has my vote, and I hope she’ll have yours, too.

Mary Ann Larson


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