As a new father, I am horrified of what my son is going to live through in his lifetime – I can’t shake the feeling that the country is broken beyond repair, and the political circus coming from both sides during last week’s hearings only serves as confirmation of this fear.

Brett Kavanaugh showed his true colors during this hearing, and regardless of what can be proved at this point, shouldn’t the Supreme Court of the United States have an absolutely immaculate record? Have our standards really been lowered to this level by our lawless president that this is now the norm?

Could Susan Collins have ever been elected to the Senate in 1996 if she had had even a fraction of this kind of scandal or allegations looming? Of course not. We are becoming desensitized as a nation, and scandalous, corrupt behavior has become the new normal.

I urge Sen. Collins, as a Maine senator with integrity representing myself and my family, to vote against Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and take a stand against this current administration’s deplorable behavior. Let’s make America a country to be proud of again, please.

I am registered to vote in Maine, ZIP code 04102, and I am very active in my local community. I will hold the senator and all elected officials accountable for decisions that will affect us all for generations to come. I implore Sen. Collins to take a stand and help save our democracy, which is in grave jeopardy.

Sergio Hernandez


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