America is at a moment that demands a senator with the courage of a Margaret Chase Smith. As early as this week, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as a justice of our highest court unless a few Republicans vote against him. We are more than 160 Maine lawyers and law professors who urge Sen. Susan Collins to join this small, courageous number.

Our nation knows no greater bond than the rule of law. No institution is more critical to its safekeeping than the Supreme Court. Those who become justices are the ultimate guardians of our liberty. They must possess the highest attributes of honesty and impartiality, lest the legitimacy of our judicial system be in doubt. We believe Brett Kavanaugh is unfit to join the court, because of doubts about his temperament and character.

Speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27, Judge Kavanaugh was at once belligerent, disdainful, rude, evasive, partisan and risible in denying a troubling drinking habit. He lied to the committee, while also displaying a prejudice against progressives that could unfairly tip the balance in cases brought before the court.

The pending FBI investigation may or may not put our minds at ease about events occurring more than 30 years ago. But the results will not alter what we witnessed Sept. 27 – a nominee unfit to become a justice on the court.

Voting against confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh will take fortitude. But Sen. Collins’ overarching duty is not to him, to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to the president or to her party. We believe her duty is to protect the credibility of the Supreme Court as a fair and neutral arbiter of the country’s most important legal matters. For Sen. Collins to act consistently with this duty, we believe she must vote against this nominee.

Kristy M. Abraham


Stephanie Albert

Eben Albert

Ryan Almy

Kenneth P. Altshuler

Daniel Amory

Judith Andrucki


Justin Andrus

Jennifer Archer

Emily Atkins

Amber R. Attalla

S. Campbell Badger

Donna Bailey


Mark V. Balfantz

Elizabeth A. Boepple

Richard Berne

Susan Bixby

Lauri Boxer-Macomber

Patrick Brady


Lee Bragg

Rebecca Brochua

Rufus Brown

H. Lowell Brown

Ricky L. Brunette

Sonia Buck


Tommie Burke

E. James Burke

Anthony W. Buxton

Barbara Cardone

Margaret Clement

John D. Clifford IV


Bodie B. Colwell

Jack Conway

Janice Cooper

Chris Cotnoir

Andrew Cotter

Thomas A. Cox


Alicia Cushing

Mary Davis

Dawn Diblasi

Shawn Doil

Diane Dusini

Lori Dwyer


John Paul Erler

Rita Farry

Michael Feldman

Donald F. Fontaine

Joan Fortin

Adrianne E. Fouts


Maria Fox

Craig Francis

Elizabeth Frazier

Katherine C. Gibson

Sarah Gilbert

Jonathan L. Goldberg


L. Scott Gould

John Graustein

Rachel E. Green

Cecelia Guecia

Hyman M. Gulak

Robert Hark


Wendy Harlan

Peter L. Hatem

Jennifer G. Hayden

Melissa Hewey

Robert E. Hirshon

Virginia L. Holt


John Howard

Jill Hunter

Kaitlyn M. Husar

Jeanne Irwin

Rebecca Irving

Margaret T. Johnson


David M. Kallin

Charlie Katz-Levy

John Kelly

James D. Kerouac

Colleen A. Khoury

Sam Kilbourn


Jamie Kilbreth

Mara R. King

Theodore H. Kirchner

Rebecca Klotzle

Stephan W. Koerting

Barry L. Kohler


Chris L’Hommedieu

Margaret C. Lavoie

Jane Lee

Lindsay Leone

Benjamin M. Leoni

James Levis


M. Calien Lewis

Susan E. LoGiudice

Suzanne Bresslor Lowell

Susan V. Lowery

Faye Luppi

Maureen MacDonald


Jeana M. McCormick

John A. McArdle

John McElwee

Linda McGill

Kai McGintee

Sharon McHold


Christopher K. MacLean

Donna Martin

Eliza R. Mette

Sally Mills

Robert Mittel

John Moncure


Jessica Moninski

Victoria Morales

Nicholas J. Morrill

Isabel Mullin

Sara A. Murphy

Peter Murray


Tina Heather Nadeau

Nicholas S. Nadzo

Michael A. Nelson

Eliza Cope Nolan

Kyle Noonan

Richard J. O’Brien


Chelsea S. Peters

Jennifer Peters

David Plimpton

Judy Potter

Brendan P. Rielly

Amy Robidas


William Robitzek

Marty Rogoff

Hanna Sanders

Tina Schneider

Ron Schneider

Anne Schools


Heather Seasonwein

Conor Shankman

Neil Shankman

Timothy Shannon

Laura Shaw

Tom Sheehan


David S. Sherman Jr.

Molly Shukie

Peter Sly

Kaighn Smith Jr.

Beth A. Smith

Pamela Smith


Andrea Bopp Stark

Eric P. Stauffer

Graydon Stevens

Beth Stickney

Fred Stocking

John Sullivan


Andrea Sutter

Annee Tara

Ali Tozier

Carly Traub

Tom Trenholm

Kim Ervin Tucker


Stanley R. Tupper III

David Turesky

Alison Lukas Turner

David B. Van Slyke

Natalie W. West

Emily T. White

Heather Whiting

Steven Wright

Barry Zimmerman

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