In addition to being a wonderful person, Amy Volk has been a great senator for the towns of Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton.  I have known Amy since well before she was a state senator.

We went to church together for several years.  During that time I was able to see her incredible compassion and kindness, and I would say the same for her entire family. Our pastor used to say, “When you really need to get something done, ask the busiest person.” When something needed to get done it was always Amy and her family stepping up. She would often do chores at the church like set up for holidays, volunteer at the Coffee House or just pitch in as needed. She and Derek also gave rides to and from church for the many African people and families that attended. And it was Amy who jumped to action when a family moved to Maine from Burundi with a 4-year-old and pregnant mother. After picking them up at the homeless shelter she not only brought them to church, she invited them to move into her house until they got themselves an apartment. Who does that?  Amy Volk does. 

When you go to vote, remember how lucky we are to have Amy representing us in the state Senate and cast your vote to keep her there. 

Donna Fenton