Terry Hayes Can Govern with Civility

On Nov. 6, there is a non-partisan, independent choice when it comes to deciding who will reside in the Blaine House for the next 4 years. Independent Terry Hayes, our current Maine State Treasurer, has my vote.

As the former Republican State Representative from Topsham from 2006-2012, I had the pleasure to serve with Terry in Augusta for six years. We came from different sides of the aisle, yet there was respect, civility and an ability to work together to solve problems for Maine.

Terry was in leadership during my last term, and I fondly remember her as someone I could work with, someone who listened, and although we didn’t always agree on the issues, she was someone I admired and could count on to put partisanship aside. Terry always tried to find solutions that we could agree on that were in the best interest of Maine.

It’s not a surprise to me that in 2014, Terry was elected by the Maine State legislature as the first independent State Treasurer. She has a proven track record of leading with integrity, a strong moral compass, and the fiscal discipline that Maine needs to be successful. She is a unifier, and her presence has been a breath of fresh air in the halls of Augusta since she began her public service.

It’s been six years since I have left office, and the political environment in Augusta has deteriorated to an all-time low. The partisan divide is wider than ever, and it’s time to get back to the days where representing Maine was a priority over political party affiliation.

Terry is running for Governor as an independent non-partisan woman who can put politics aside and end the partisan divide that is keeping our state from moving forward. With Terry Hayes as Governor, her vast experience combined with her natural ability to bring people together is a recipe for success. I hope you will join me on November 6 and make Terry Hayes the first woman, independent, clean elections Governor who will truly represent the people of Maine.

Kerri Bickford,


Vote Vitelli

On Nov. 6 I will be voting for Sen. Eloise Vitelli.
She has brought many years of statewide policy effort to her work and knows how the legislature operates, how state government works and how to get things done for the people of State Senate District 23 and for the people of Maine. For many years Sen. Vitelli has assisted people of this state to go back to school and to start their own businesses, so that they may provide for themselves and their families. She understands and has been a leader in workforce development. Whether it is marine resources, veteran affairs, health care, education or housing she understands that these concerns have serious bearing on the people of Maine and their ability to have a livelihood and contribute to their communities.
Sen. Vitelli gets things done, not only because she knows what needs to get done and how to get it done, but also because she listens, and she is smart.
It is for these reasons that I will be proud to cast my vote for Sen. Eloise Vitelli on Nov. 6. I hope you will join me.
Ruth Lawson-Stopps,

Hepler a better choice

Allison Hepler offers District 53 a better option for the Maine House this November 6. She joins the ranks of progressive women across the nation promising a different approach to politics.
The towns within this district are ready for a representative who can balance fiscal responsibility with the vital services government is designed to deliver, who understands the economic need to attract and retain younger people in the state, who has a vision for building a better health care system for all Mainers, and who is willing to fight to address the ever-present impacts of our changing climate. Hepler is that candidate. She is well equipped to be a fierce advocate for her constituents, with a proven track record serving the town of Woolwich for six years.
As a Woolwich selectperson, Hepler helped lead the effort to install a solar array on the town’s former landfill, which delivers power to municipal buildings, giving the town more control over energy costs and saving taxpayers money. It’s this kind of long-term vision that is needed in Augusta.
Beyond policy, District 53 deserve a representative who is respectful and responsive to all constituents (regardless of whether they agree on every issue), and who is not beholden to corporate interests. Allison Hepler is running a Clean Election campaign, and as our representative will answer only to her principles and her constituents. Please consider voting for Hepler this November. Her vision and voice will be a positive asset to the legislature.

Jesse McMahon,