As an independent voter, I don’t accept “party loyalty” as an excuse for doing what’s wrong. As a Marine, I understand loyalty: “Semper Fidelis” is the motto of my brotherhood, it is on my family crest and tattooed across my chest. I can’t imagine a responsible, reasonable adult hiring Judge Brett Kavanaugh to decide what is right and what is wrong for this country over the next several decades.

If he had any integrity, he would acknowledge acting immature as a teenager and admit that as a youth, his relationship with alcohol was sometimes a struggle and that he may have suffered memory lapses from overindulgence. He would apologize to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in case something did happen that he doesn’t remember, and maybe pledge to support an appropriate charity.

Instead, he took the time to craft a completely belligerent and inaccurate opening statement, and then performed an embarrassing, unjudicial, conspiracist attack on the Democratic Party. If this alone does not preclude him from sitting on our highest court, consider that he could make abortion more dangerous and expensive, allow media outlets to be sued and make the president untouchable and his ability to protect other criminals insuperable.

If confirmed, he could expand presidential powers to a president who has shown a dangerous propensity to abuse it. The judge appears to have perjured himself during these hearings as he did in prior confirmation proceedings, and he is a conspiracy theorist.

Brett Kavanaugh has a tenuous relationship with reality; he could not command respect and honesty from anyone who is aware of his testimony. If a Marine with me stood facing similar allegations, loyalty aside, I would insist that he clear his name or accept responsibility. We can’t allow party loyalty to displace intellectual integrity. A judge committing perjury should be removed from the bench, not elevated.

James Lynch


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