I am not one of those who have contacted Susan Collins with “positive feedback” (Oct. 8) on her support for Brett Kavanaugh.

However, as appalled (and not surprised) as I am about her vote – and especially her failure to take into serious account Kavanaugh’s disqualifying intemperate, evasive, excessively partisan and at times dishonest self-defense before the Judiciary Committee – I am also concerned that too much focus was placed on her vote and that of two other Republicans.

Why was there no commensurate outcry against the 47 other senators whose guaranteed votes for Kavanaugh were never subjected to the same scrutiny and pressure? Without each of them, her vote wouldn’t have been in play and made the difference.

Let us not forget that those senators are every bit as responsible for Kavanaugh’s confirmation as Collins is and should be held as accountable. Let us not forget that the Machiavellian Mitch McConnell, in particular, with his refusal to grant Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a hearing and his commitment to stacking the Supreme Court, is the one whose “vote” really guaranteed Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Maine may well choose to replace Collins in the Senate. The country should choose to replace her excessively partisan colleagues and, with them, McConnell as Senate majority leader.

Janet Kehl


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