The Democrats royally messed up on this one, bringing the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh to the table so late that they overshadowed the equally as important fact that Kavanaugh has allegedly repeatedly lied during previous lower court nomination hearings, as well as during this one.

Consequently, Susan Collins, and other senators, apparently felt they were able to hide behind the Trump-controlled, very limited FBI report, which addressed none of these equally important nonsexual issues regarding Kavanaugh’s truthfulness.

Had the Senate Democrats any brains, they would have continued to vociferously demand the release of more than 100,000 records that crossed Kavanaugh’s desk during his time with the Bush administration, which would have, in all likelihood, proved that Kavanaugh should not hold any U.S. judgeship and should be disbarred.

As for Sen. Collins’ vote, she certainly revealed her partisan stripes, placing an apparent liar on the court. Hopefully, she’ll finally be ousted from her perch come 2020.

Edmond Paré


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