I support Democrat Janet Mills for governor.

As many Mainers have struggled with addiction over the past years, she’s led the fight for providing the lifesaving drug Narcan to law enforcement agencies, saving 500 lives in the past two years.

She will save more lives once elected through her commitment to expanding MaineCare, lifting the two-year limit on medication-assisted therapies, targeting much-needed resources to areas in the state that need it and expanding prevention efforts in our schools and communities. At a time when so many of our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues are struggling with this awful disease, Janet Mills has been a leader, and has a plan to fight it.

Janet Mills stands for what she believes in and will continue her fight for all Mainers as governor. She has consistently displayed high character in all she’s accomplished. Please join me in proudly voting for Janet Mills for governor.

Tiffany Townsend, NP


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